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As a newly married woman, it has become my mission in life to learn how to cook. Gone are the days of picking up sushi and ordering curries. In order to jump-start my education, I enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education's Fine Cooking I course where I learned the basics, from roasting to boiling to mousse-making (ok, maybe not that basic)! I've attempted to replicate some recipes - somewhat successfully- and create a few of my own. This blog is for friends and foodies and is intended to document my cooking adventures (and occasional fiascoes). Enjoy the pictures and bon appetite!

Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Assemble a Perfect Breakfast Burrito

Before he met me, my husband used to run across the street to the deli every morning and order a breakfast burrito. Seeing as how I have become domesticated, there was no good reason for me not to attempt the breakfast burrito. True, I might not be able to roll a burrito as well as some of those guys behind the counter who do it every day, but I wasn't half bad either. Here's my step-by-step tutorial for assembling a great breakfast burrito!

eggs or egg whites
diced vegetables
avocado slices
tomato slices
salt and pepper
tabasco sauce
burrito wrapper

Start by dicing a selection of vegetables. I used mushrooms, green and red peppers, onions and broccoli. Sautee the veggies in a tbsp of olive oil until wilted and season with salt and pepper. Add egg whites or eggs and scramble with the vegetables over medium heat until the eggs are well done. If you leave them runny, they will soak through the burrito and things will start to fall apart (I know from experience).

Place your veggie egg mixture in the center of the burrito and top with a slice of cheese. I chose to use swiss but often use munster as well! Really, anything will do! Splash with a few dashes of tabasco sauce for some heat. Oh, and the larger the burrito you use, the easier it will be to roll in the end.

Place some thinly sliced tomatoes and avocados over the eggs.

With all the ingredients in the middle of the burrito, you'll want to fold over the top and bottom flaps so that they sit over the eggs. Next, take the right flap and fold it over the left side, tucking it somewhat under the filling and roll until the burrito takes on a circular shape. Slice in half and you're ready to go!

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